2005-08-04 / Front Page

Salvation Army extends appeal for voluntary gifts of support

In the wake of an alarming report of financial shortfall and sharply rising expenses, the Wilkes County Unit of the Salvation Army has extended its appeal for voluntary gifts to support its humanitarian programs.

“First of all, I want to thank the people of Wilkes County for their faithful and generous support over many years,” said Rev. Albert Huyck, commander of the local unit. “I can assure you that every dollar we receive is carefully handled and, as far as we can determine, wisely spent to benefit deserving people. The Salvation Army is one of the best agencies available for helping others.”

Because of the Wilkes County unit’s current financial crisis, Rev. Huyck reiterated his remarks of June 30:

“While we are free to conduct an organized campaign to raise funds, we will depend on voluntary contributions from now to the end of the year,” Rev. Huyck said. “If we can get enough to carry us through November, we should be all right.

“Please consider making a donation to the Salvation Army.”

Contributions may be mailed to The Salvation Army; Dot Harris, treasurer; 509 North Alexander Avenue; Washington, GA 30673.

For more information or to arrange for making a donation, please contact Mrs. Harris at 6782818 or Rev. Huyck at 285-2587.

Bedsides Rev. Huyck and Mrs. Harris, Salvation Army board members include Dr. John Childers, Vicar John Via, Mary Jordan, Carroll Leavell, Willard Lance, Smythe Newsome, and Frances Shank.

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