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Letters To the Editor

Such a special place will always be home TO THE EDITOR:

Words are simply insufficient to thank all the people who, working together, led to our mother, Joanne Webb, being rescued after she’d been lost in the woods for some 30 hours. We would like to thank everyone who helped in the search for her: the Sheriiff’s Department, the Georgia State Patrol, the Department of Corrections, the volunteer firefighters and dozens upon dozens of family, friends and volunteers who lent their support. Cpl. Herbert Craven, the helicopter pilot who eventually found her, will be in our thoughts and prayers forever.

The Smiths, her cousins, returned early from vacation to aid in the search, and have truly been lifesavers throughout the years. The pastor at her church called around to see if anyone had seen her. Another relative drove down from Lexington to try to help. So many people gave of themselves to help in the search. We thank you all, more than we could ever say.

Our children have been brought up in the suburbs of Washington, D.C, in a beautiful neighborhood. But we feel so blessed that our son, Stephen – who went down to Georgia with his dad after Mother was found – was able to see first-hand the care and concern of a smaller town, where people really seem to be there for one another.

Even after she was rescued, people continued to give an outpouring of care and concern, sending flowers, visiting Mother in the hospital, letting her know that the entire community (not just her family) was so grateful that she was found.

She continues to recover and has told us many times how much she appreciates all the help, all the good wishes and prayers. While we selfishly would love it if she were to move up to Virginia to live closer to us, it is no wonder why Wilkes County is such a special place for Mother, and why why for her it will always be home.

Thank you all again, for everything.



Fairfax, Virginia Welcoming of new doctor is appreciated TO THE EDITOR:

We appreciate The NewsReporter’s coverage of the reception for Dr. Lester Johnston held July 20, at Wills Memorial Hospital.

It was truly a warm welcoming, and credit must go to the staff at Wills Memorial Hospital and to Donna Hardy and Melissa Scott, Wilkes County’s representatives on MedLink Georgia’s Board. We applaud their efforts in introducing the Johnston family to the community.

MedLink is excited to have three quality physicians in its Washington facility: Angela Butler-Rice, MD, Pediatrician; Mahesh Duggal, MD, Internal Medicine-Geriatrics; and Lester Johnston, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics.

Each brings a level of expertise that ensures patients of all ages have access to care close to home. The support of partners – Wills Memorial Hospital, the medical community, and the human service agencies – is essential to a Community Health Center’s mission. Wilkes County should be proud of the very positive things happening in this area.

August 8-12 is National Community Health Center Week. Anyone who did not meet Dr. Johnston at the reception is invited to stop by the center and welcome him to Washington.

Again, we commend the efforts of Mr. Goldman and his staff at Wills Memorial Hospital in arranging and hosting the welcome for Dr. Johnston and his family.


CEO, MedLink Georgia Inc.

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