2005-08-04 / The Office Cat

The Office Cat

New Welcome Center is very inviting Rosemary Hopkins’ house

on East Robert Toombs Av

enue was featured in the “Today’s Home” section of Sunday’s Augusta Chronicle. The article had lots of pictures of both inside and outside the home and told about Rosemary’s many talents in decorating and how it all came together.

Sometime when you are in Downtown Washington, stop and see the new Welcome Center. The building is beautiful and along with the service of the center is a real asset to Downtown.

Tonight at 7:00 is the time for the auditions for “Postmarked Wilkes County” at the Mary Willis Library. . . . School starts Friday. . . . Saturday is Market Day on The Square, and the Lions Club chicken barbecue.

. . . Sunday is time for the Washington-Wilkes Historical Foundation meeting with David Jenkins as the speaker (2:30 p.m.). . . . Sunday night, Monica Harper, a very talented young organist who grew up in Ocilla, Ga., and a student of Ruth Harris, will be presenting a concert of sacred organ music at the First Baptist Church at 7:00.

Be careful when you’re out of town! . . . While Lincoln, Cindy, Bonnie, and John Bounds were on vacation in Lexington, Ky., last week, Lincoln was entering the hotel lobby with his family one afternoon.

As they headed for the elevator, an apparent stranger called out Lincoln’s name. It turned out that the stranger was Gary Stoner, Lincoln’s college roommate at the University of Georgia in the early 1970s. Gary obtained undergraduate and graduate degrees in animal nutrition and has been working for a privately held company in Thailand since the mid-1980s. He was in Lexington with one of the firm’s owners on a business trip researching equine feed and nutrition as part of a multi-city tour to study the latest developments in animal feeds in the United States. Gary had last visited Washington in the late 1980s, and had been in contact with the Bounds family only once since then when Cindy requested information on Thailand for a project for her Girl Scout troop in the mid-1990s. The Bounds family is still amazed at the odds of being in the same city, the same hotel, and passing through the lobby at the same time as their longtime friend who was halfway around the world from his home. They all enjoyed meeting later to catch up on the happenings and events of years past and renew their long-distance friendship.

There’s more! . . . Doris Rhodes and Sharleen Anderson represented the Pilot Club of Washington at the Pilot International Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, last week. The hotel employee who helped carry their bags to the seventh floor inquired about where they lived. When the ladies said Georgia, he told them that he was from Norwood in Warren County – close-by neighbors!

The News-Reporter’s annual preseason Tiger football supplement is already taking shape and most of the pictures have already been made. Most of the advertising sponsors are already in place too but there’s still some room available and this year, for the first time, family and friends are being offered the opportunity to place an ad in the supplement with good wishes for their favorite players.

(Sort of like the senior ads in the W-WCHS yearbook each year) Prices start at $20 but don’t delay – the deadline is next Wednesday, August 10, at 5 p.m. Call us at 6782636 for more information.

Residents of the Pembroke Drive, Arden Road area of WashingtonWilkes had some excitement last week when what appeared to be a rabid fox appeared in the neighborhood.

The fox was “walking in circles and biting at the air” and doing other strange things. Homeowners came with guns, but 911 said “don’t shoot.” The police came. . . . Another suspicious fox was spotted on Poplar Drive. Both animals were killed but were not tested for rabies.

Major John Gentry is in Kuwait waiting to go into Baghdad with the Army National Guard Rear Operations Command. John is the son-inlaw of Susan and Edward Pope Jr.; husband of Katherine Pope Gentry; and Anna and Caroline’s dad.

Five-year-old Matt Shedd is back home now from the hospital after giving his parents and grandparents a real scare for the past two weeks. Matt had to go to the emergency room on July 20 with a bad “tummy ache.” He was transported on to the Medical College of Georgia where it was discovered that he had swallowed two cylinder-like magnets which he had received as part of a set for Christmas (a popular item last Christmas).. The magnets were in different locations in his intestines and had attached themselves through the walls of his intestines, making it impossible for them to pass on through. On July 21, doctors had to do major surgery to remove the magnets and Matt was in the hospital for a week. He came home but had a minor setback and had to go back to the hospital Sunday. He came home Tuesday, this time to stay, we hope. Grandma Cheryl Bentley says he’s doing well. He is the son of Rodney and Betsy Bentley Shedd; and grandson of W.C. and Cheryl Bentley and Johnny and Kathryn Shedd. Matt will be starting kindergarten as soon as he recuperates a little longer.

Be sure to visit The NewsReporter’s new website. We’re now online at www.news-reporter.com. You can read all the news, advertisements, and see all the photos – in color. You can click on pictures and ads to make them larger, too.

In reference to keeping Washington Wilkes clean and beautiful, Chrean Brown says, “What better way to serve your community than to go the extra mile and really help clean it up and beautify our environment.

I see flower boxes overgrown with weeds and sidewalks never swept. Washington is a beautiful little town but we could make it more beautiful by cleaning out 40 years of overgrowth in some areas.”

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