2006-08-03 / Front Page

Truck and tractor pulls return to Wilkes

After an absence of decades, the Wilkes County Young Farmerssponsored a very successful truck and tractor pull at the new facility just off the Thomson Highway at Big Cedar Road in the Aonia community. Some 1,500 spectators ignored widespread thunderstorms and pouring rain to pack the place to capacity. Antique tractors (above) filled the afternoon with competition, but the big crowds came for the evening's action -Hot Farm Classes, Modern Farm classes, and Trucks -46 classes in all, and the action didn't end until 11:30 p.m. Organizer Ricky Callaway says the facility was made possible by the efforts and contributions of Perry Gunter, Wilkes Barnett, "We especially want to thank Peyton McGill,Wade Palmer, and Yancy Brothers for furnishing event tractors," Callaway said. Three events a year are planned for the new facility, he said.

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