2006-08-03 / Letters

Glad Washington is new home town


Recently we celebrated our first anniversary living "full time" in Washington, Georgia. This is a wonderful community in so many ways. We live "right on The Square" and this has helped us quickly appreciate the vibrancy and graciousness of our community. People could not have been more cordial and outgoing in making us feel welcome and appreciated in our new home.

The many acts of friendship have included invitations to church, parties, civic events, and all types of community celebrations. It is our hope that over time we will have opportunity to reciprocate as well as making future newcomers feel glad they have moved to WashingtonWilkes.

Our community is filled with history, beauty and charm that can be found in very few places. In searching for a new home, Washington was the first and last place we visited. Deborah Rainey went out of her way to sell us on the wonderful attributes of her hometown. We could not be more pleased.

We still have a lot to learn. We read The News-Reporter eagerly every week. We seek to become active and contributing members of this very special place. Washington is a jewel!


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