2006-08-17 / The Office Cat

The Office Cat

'...and don't let the bedbugs bite'

I don't think I have seen quite as much rain in such a short time

as fell here Thursday afternoon between about five and six o'clock. In front of The News-Reporter the street was completely submerged and the water was up on the sidewalks. At the intersection of Greens Grove and Robert Toombs Ave. just down the street, it had to be several inches deep. And the lightning was very bad, too. . . . On Hill Street, Norris got 3.5 inches and another .45 of an inch Saturday. . . . Ira Tiller on the Lincolnton Road says he got 2.5 inches Thursday; and Logan Woods got 3 or more inches Thursday.

Remember that the quarterly

Community Blood Drive sponsored by Wills Memorial Hospital is in a new location Thursday, August 17. It will be in the Fellowship Hall of the First United Methodist Church from 2 until 7 p.m. They need lots of blood.

Four Wilkes County ladies and three of their friends had a great time in Atlanta Sunday. Cathy Lannae, Sharon Williamson, Meredith Williamson, and Debbie Bennett joined Susan Tapley of Norwood and two of Cathy's friends from Rockmart to attend the matinee performance of "Menopause the Musical." The hilarious performance is billed as the longest running musical in Atlanta and ended when the four actresses encouraged members of the audience to join them on stage for a finale of dancing and singing. The Washington Wilkes group joined about 40 others on stage and had a great time. . . . Cathy says that she was impressed to see in the show program that there was an advertisement for

"Greater Tuna" performances later this month in Atlanta She and husband Lamont had attended the

Washington Little Theater performance of "Greater Tuna" last week with Bradley Barber and Graham Maurer and thought it was outstanding. . . . And I have heard that comment from several sources since the performances.

Jimmy Bedford, Master Distiller for the Jack Daniels Distillery, and his wife Emily of Lynchburg, Tenn., were in Washington and Lincolnton last week at the invitation of Jim Reese of Lincolnton. They toured flooring plants in Augusta and several homes in Washington-Wilkes, Lincolnton, and McCormick, to see the flooring. The homes that I know about in Washington-Wilkes are those of Jack and Vicki Harvey and Paul and Mildred Peeler. Bedford, who is one of only six Master Distillers with Jack Daniels since its founding in 1866, stopped at Slaton's Crossing and The Jockey Club and signed bottles for them.

The Stepping Out In Style fashion show and luncheon sponsored by the Wills Memorial Hospital Auxiliary last Saturday at the VFW Post Home was the best one the Auxiliary has done, in my opinion. You wouldn't believe the transformation of the VFW for the show! Rosemary Hopkins and Kermit Hocutt were in charge of the transformation (with help from others) and it was spectacular. In keeping with the theme, many styles of ladies' shoes were used in decorating and were perched on short columns down the dining tables. The backdrop for the presentation was decorated with shoes, and handbags, and other stylish items. Kermit had made a big three-tiered cake and decorated it with shoes. All of the models were the best yet, and I think the fashions were the best yet. Merchants represented with fashions were The Boot Rack, Ginger, McFabulous, Bee Southern, Scarborough's, and Doncaster Clothing. . . . Auxiliary President Bobbie Ann Griffin welcomed everybody and hospital CEO Marvin Goldman spoke briefly. Judge Jim Burton said the blessing, and Kay Nelms narrated the parade of fashions. Amy Johnston gave away about 20 door prizes; and Sandy Burton was chairman for the show. Many others helped in many ways, and the house was packed with guests. It was a fun day.

Bunny (Woodruff) Gunby, who manages the Cancer Relief Fund that helps with transportation for Wilkes County cancer victims who need to go out of the county for treatment, is in need of funds. It seems that we have more than our share of cancer here and this fund is a big help to those who need transportation and other medical assistance. More than $800 was paid out of the fund last month, leaving only $38. If you can make a contribution, send it to Bunny at 2090 Thomson Road, Washington; or take it to Joan Geddings at the Farmers and Merchants bank.

When the Braves play the Marlins in Miami, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Marvin Hudson, our umpire, will be one of the umpires. I wish Marvin could get the Braves out of the hole the Braves have made for themselves. They have some terrific players, but just can't get it all together. Just wait 'til next year!

An article in The Athens Banner- Herald last week told me more about bedbugs than I wanted to know. Some of you are old enough to remember those pesky little bugs that were everywhere in the 1930s, 1940s, and into the 1950s. At that time people thought the bugs were housed in improperly stuffed mattresses and were a result of poor sanitation and hygiene. But this article says that's not so, but that they definitely are making a comeback after being seemingly eradicated with a widespread use of DDT in the 1950s. Second hand furniture, motels and hotels, are suspects in the comeback, according to the article. . . . "Sleep tight, and don't let the bedbugs bite!"

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