2006-08-17 / Letters

A shining example to all of mankind


As we travel through this life on our journey to our Father's kingdom, God gives us the distinct privilege of meeting many good people. It has been an honor for me to meet an entire family of these people, the Wheatleys.

All the people we encounter during our stay on this earth influence us one way or another depending upon how we alone allow this influence to occur. Mr. Wallace Wheatley was a gem among those that had a positive influence upon my life and thus the life of my family. God allowed Wallace and the rest of the Wheatleys to become part of my life when my family moved to Wilkes County over twenty years ago.

Since I first came to know him, his quite unassuming nature of going about helping anyone he could greatly impacted myself and many others that he encountered over his lifetime. He was indeed a man of strong moral character that strongly adhered to the teachings of the Bible where we are told to sound no alms before us when we do our good deeds.

In all the years that I knew him and as busy as he was, he always found a way to help anyone that asked him. Yet he never boasted about it nor sought any wealth from it. This wonderful man was a shinning example to all of mankind as to how we should live our lives.

As Christians, we take comfort in knowing that GOD has a master plan, one that we often don't understand but must accept in order to continue his work while on this earth. Rest assured that he has plans for Wallace in heaven and that when he brought him home, he was met at the pearly gates and told "well done my good and faithful servant."


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