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'Little girls' jump from airplane

BREAKING NEWS! - Tuesday afternoon Henry Harris came in and told me that he and Shay are closing Petal Pushers. Their going out of business sale started yesterday (Wednesday). He said they are glad to have been in business for 16 years and appreciate everybody's support. That will really leave a hole on The Square.

The Christmas Shop will still be in business.


Three new businesses have opened in Washington during the past two weeks. Deanne Crook has opened Paradise Tanning, formerly Fountain Spa and Salon, at 17 West Robert Toombs Avenue - next door to Tena's Jewelry and Gifts. . . . Danny and Kathy Padgett have opened Padgett's Country Kitchen, a restaurant in the former Lin's Wok location on the Lincolnton Road. . . . Michelle McAvoy and Morgan Echols have opened The Boot Rack at 1022 East Robert Toombs Avenue in the old Wilkes Village Shopping Center.


Four Washington-Wilkes young ladies, all college students, had the thrill of their young lifetimes Saturday. Molly Newsome, Elizabeth Duggan, Kirby Wilson, and Krystle Kvalheim sky-dived in tandem (with an instructor) from an airplane at an altitude of 14,300+ feet! The four had investigated the possibility of this adventure with Sky-Dive Atlanta several weeks ago and told their families about it. At least two of the parents said, "Don't tell me when. Just call me when you're back on the ground." I know that two of them said that they were ready to go again when they got back. A video was made of each jump and we watched Molly's here at The News-Reporter Monday. I can't believe they did it. I remember when each one was born and they're still little girls to me.


Alfred's On The Square is celebrating its first year in business this week.


Dr. Elizabeth Newsome Holmes is one of six Doctors of Veterinary Medicine featured on the cover and inside Aesculapian, the Spring/Summer publication of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. The article told of how the doctors, as athletes during their undergraduate years, had benefited from the field of competition to the field of veterinary medicine. Lizzie was the youngest doctor featured. The article told of her participation as a member of the UGA equestrian team, competing in hunter/ jumper events - "a very physically and mentally demanding sport." The article also said, "Her greatest achievements were helping her team earn two national titles and placing eighth individually in national competition."

Governor Sonny Perdue (DVM '71) was the oldest one. The other doctors featured included two football players, a softball player, a swimmer, and a shotput champion.


I've had only two reports of a hummingbird sighting this week.

Steve Blackmon on North Alexander Avenue saw one Saturday, and Norris Ware's hummer has arrived. . . . Heather Riley, who lives on the Metasville Road, called to tell me that she is concerned about the

Purple Martins. She says they seem to be late arriving this year. She usually has a few, but they haven't shown up yet. She also said that Ed Myers down the road from her house usually has lots of the birds. I called Ed and he says the Purple Martins have finally arrived - about a month late. He wonders if their arrival is tied to Easter which is late this year. He has seen "eight or 10" at his gourds at home and a few at his shop. Has anybody else got any Purple Martins?


Of course there is no official report on the Saturday Tour of Homes when this is being written (Monday night), but everybody I have talked to has spoken positively about the tour. The weather was perfect and there were large crowds Downtown at the restaurants and other places of interest. The general consensus is that the tour was quite successful.

Mark Waters, who was a dispatcher at the headquarters said that everything went smoothly and he didn't hear a single complaint during the weekend. . . . There were two interesting incidents that I don't think have happened before. Mark and Emilie Waters were hosts at their home for the Dessert Soiree where about 75 people enjoyed their hospitality and the delicious food provided. About midway the evening they discovered that two men had gone around the table and picked up desserts, then had gone through the kitchen and picked up sub-sandwiches which had been put out for the hosts and hostesses. Then they confiscated a bottle of champagne and took their seats on the back porch and ate their "dinner" in the quiet around the pool. . . . Across the street at the home of Jo and Buzzy Randall, on Saturday, Jo had just put out the lunch for her hosts and hostesses and had gone on to the front of the house. The two hostesses in the kitchen were flabbergasted when two ladies came through and saw the "spread." One said to the other, "Oh, I was hoping I could get some chicken salad on this tour!" And she turned to the lady with her and said, "Why don't we just eat here and not go Downtown to eat?" They both agreed and dived in. And they went back for seconds. . . . Nobody challenged them. I guess that's what you call Southern Hospitality.

. Friday afternoon I had a call from

Bill Steed who had seen two ladies Downtown who had come for the tour. They had shown him a picture of a house and asked if he knew where it was. He didn't know so he called and asked if the ladies could come show me the picture. They came and one of the ladies was Julia Monts Parker who lived here when her father, Professor Monts, was superintendent of the Washington school. That would have been in the 1920s and 1930s. The house today is the home of Mary Helen Thornton on North Alexander Avenue. I called

Steve Blackmon for confirmation, gave the ladies directions and told them that Steve would be working in his yard and said to stop and speak to him. They found the house, and they found Steve, and spent an hour or so visiting with him and Eleanor.


Norris Ware reports 2.2 inches of rain Wednesday and Thursday. (Monday morning's rain will be included in next week's report.) . . .

Sonny Johnson at Tyrone had 3.05 inches Wednesday and Thursday and .09 of an inch Sunday for a total of 3.14 for the week. He also reports 19.9 inches for the year.


Betty Slaton found out last week what we've been saying about "behave yourself" when you are out of Washington-Wilkes, because you're going to meet somebody who knows you or somebody from Washington- Wilkes. She was attending the 50th year reunion of Tift College being held in Macon because there is no longer a Tift College. She had just gotten seated for the dinner when the man across the table noticed that she was from Washington and told her that his aunt, the late Marie Beckum, had lived in Washington and that he had visited here many times as a child. He also knew Buzzy Randall, and of course, Frank Beckum, who is his cousin. The man was Paul Lucas whose mother was Miss Marie's sister. I remember when he used to visit and Buzzy remembered that Paul had four siblings: Earl, Kathleen, Ray, and Basil (Bitsy). (Most of our readers will not relate to this information on the Lucas family, but I know of some who will.)

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