2009-12-31 / Letters

Local support is the key for survival


Recently I responded to a circulating email in which I stated that if things did not change downtown Alfred’s On The Square would be closing at the end of the year. Well, I am pleased to inform that after a discussion with my landlords, the Petersillies, who have agreed to work with me anyway they can, and consultation with my CPA Steve Albertson, I have decided to continue to struggle to make my business succeed.

Also, the promotion of the snow on The Square has been very beneficial in bringing more awareness of Washington and what we have to offer. I realize that this is a one-time occurrence and it will take continuous promotions from the Chamber and the business owners themselves to bring more potential customers from surrounding areas to Washington. Tough times will call for tough measures and actions, and regardless of what we think or believe, we are all in this together, because the economic health of our city and businesses affects every one of us.

I for one realize that I need the support of everyone and realistically I know that it will never be 100% but if we could get 60-70% that would be great. Support does always mean that you personally walking through the door, but if you do it could mean telling me when we haven’t met your expectations, especially since I am the only one that can fix it. We can refer our friends, family, and visitors when they are visiting Washington to eat downtown instead of going out of town. When we travel outside of Washington we can be ambassadors and promote our city with pride.

I can’t tell you how many times I have had people ask me why I decided to come to Washington since there is nothing here. Even with the problems that exist in Washington it is still a beautiful town with friendly people and great hospitality. I wish more people who haven’t been downtown for a long while would just venture out and see exactly what’s here. They may be in for a pleasant surprise.

Alfred’s On The Square will be closed for vacation from January 4-16 and will re-open on January 17. For all of those who have never been to Alfred’s I invite them to stop by and have a complimentary cup of coffee or glass of tea and see just what we have done. In the midst of our struggle we are very proud to have survived with local support for almost two years when no other business in our location has made it past six months. For that my staff and I thank God, Steve, Frank and Beth, and the citizens of Washington – and we pray for the continued survival of Alfred’s.


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