2010-12-23 / Front Page

School takes a break until Jan. 5; students enjoy Christmas program

W-WMS wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season. Wilkes County schools will be closed for winter break, December 20-January 2. January 3 is a county-wide furlough day and January 4 is an in-service day for teachers and staff. The students will return to school on Wednesday, January 5. Report cards will be distributed on Monday, January 10.

The students were treated to a Christmas program on December 17. Performances were made by the sixth- and seventh-grade bands, and the seventh- and eighth-grade chorus classes. Several school organizations also had presentations. The students enjoyed being entertained by their peers.

The sixth- and seventh-grade science classes ended the semester with special projects. In Ansley Johnson’s sixth-grade earth science classes, students created a brochure about earthquakes. The students included a description of an earthquake, where and why they happen, safety tips, and more. Nicole Bailey’s seventh-grade life science classes recently completed a timeline of the earth’s physical history. They included information about the Precambrian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic Eras.

The state of Georgia has mandated that each school system have policies and procedures concerning restraint and that each school have a trained “Crisis Prevention/Intervention Team.” The members of the team for WWMS are Bill Pendrey, Deleki Lee, Michelle Smith, and Libby Swinson from the school’s administration, and Rosilyn Hunt and Brian Usry from the teaching staff. They attended a workshop, December 2-3, where they learned various legal methods to protect themselves as well as methods to restrain a student in order to protect the student, all other students, and the staff.

The Junior Beta Club held its annual canned food drive December 2-10 with a competition among the homerooms. Al Dawkins’ and Pam Hall’s homerooms tied for third place with 69 items, Trudy Gallo’s homeroom placed second with 77 items, and Teresa Eason’s class took first place with 549 items. In all, 1,148 items were donated to God’s Marketplace. Thanks to everyone who helped feed the poor in Wilkes County!

The Lady Tigers softball and basketball teams enjoyed an end-of-season banquet December 16 in the W-WMS/W-WCHS cafeteria. The coaches provided the entrée and asked each player to bring two side items. Awards were presented to players on both the basketball and softball teams. The students presented gifts of appreciation to the coaches. The evening was a night to remember!

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