2010-12-23 / Worship

The Men of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Mark 3:13-21)


When Jesus began the work of the Gospel that God sent Him to do, He chose not to do it alone. From the very beginning Jesus enlisted the help of earthly mortals, and today He is still using men and women to carry out God’s work through the churches. Read Mark 3:13-21.

When Christ calls individuals to help with His work, He gives them specific assignments. For example, in verses 13-15, those assignments are preaching, healing and casting out demons. Each person who is called has his own role in carrying out God’s plan. Christ also grants his workers the authority to carry out their missions. As the chosen prepare, they are empowered with the Holy Spirit of God. Only then are they ready to do God’s work.

What are the results of the choices that Jesus makes? In Matthew 5:13- 15, Jesus says you will become the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Man cannot survive without salt and light. But are we willing to answer God’s call and become the salt and the light? Such a transformation requires full surrender on the part of the chosen.

What is the cost of becoming a Godcalled person in God’s kingdom, the church? You will be required to look and be different from the average person. You will stand out in the crowd. You will be labelled as different and treated differently by most people. You’re likely to be unpopular for not following the crowd. You will be risking a lot in the eyes of the world when you choose to follow Jesus.

But the rewards are great: It will be worth everything you must do or sacrifice to follow Him. When you are willing to lose your worldly life in the eyes of the world you will gain your life in the eyes of God.

What will it be with you when you are called by Jesus? Will it be the world and its work or will it be God’s work?

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