2011-06-09 / Front Page

Final 2010 property tax bills to be delayed by processing problems

The final 2010 property tax bills for Wilkes County property owners have been delayed, the county tax commissioner said.

In last week’s print issue, The News-Reporter reported that the bills had gone out as expected over the Memorial Day weekend. The tax billing company, however, failed to make its promised deadline, Tax Commissioner Mary Hubbard said.

“The company that prints our tax bills is having trouble applying temporary tax payments to the finals and it has delayed the bills coming out. I don’t know exactly how long it’s going to take. They’ll be out sometime this month, but I don’t know when.”

The delay has also prevented the commissioner from accepting payments on the temporary bills.

The final 2010 tax bills follow the temporary 2010 tax bills that came out at the beginning of the year. The majority of property owners paid the amount due on the temporary tax bills and will not have a balance due, but not all.

“If you paid your property taxes on the temporary bill, but still owe additional taxes, you will get a bill due in 60 days,” the commissioner said. “If you overpaid, you’ll get a refund.”

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