2011-06-09 / Worship

The opening power of the gospel of Jesus Christ

(Mark 8:10-21)

Read Mark 8:22-26. The blind man in this story represents all of mankind at one particular point in the life. He was physically blind and in need of someone to bring him to Jesus for the miracle of physical healing.

We all begin life spiritually blind, incapable of spiritual growth. We must have someone to open our spiritual eyes, to bring us to Jesus for the miracle of spiritual healing. Jesus established the church for this purpose. He started this work through the twelve apostles He chose to help Him during his ministry on earth, and passed the assignment on to the church to continue after his resurrection and return to heaven.

In this passage, the people brought the blind man to Jesus and begged Jesus to touch him. We can bring people to Jesus but still they must have his touch in order for healing to take place. When Jesus touches a person He nourishes the individual’s faith in Him. Jesus speaks to the heart and inspires the trust that allows His power to bring physical and spiritual healing.

Jesus placed spittle on the eyes of the blind and then asked him if he saw anything. The man said, “I see men like trees walking.” Jesus touched the man’s eyes again and he saw clearly. It was at that point that healing occurred.

In each of these actions Jesus was encouraging the man’s faith. Faith in Jesus is what brings the healing power into action. But faith doesn’t come automatically; it must be nurtured. Our new-birth experience brings a degree of spiritual sight but, like the blind man who thought he saw trees walking, we don’t understand everything that is happening to us.

As Jesus nurtures our faith we begin to see clearly, just as the man saw when Jesus touched him the second time. As God’s Holy Spirit permeates our lives through the teachings Christ, we become capable of understanding and experiencing the spiritual life. It is a wonderful miraculous expansion of our overall lives. Faith grows and healing takes place.

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