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Community Angel Tree program expects to reach 150 children

Once again the community Angel Tree program is giving individuals and groups the opportunity to reach out and help needy Wilkes County children.

“We are aiming at elementary and middle school children in families that would otherwise have very, very little Christmas,” said Rev. Gale Seibert. “We talk to the families and see what they need, and really try to make a difference in their lives.”

Based at Washington’s First United Methodist Church, Angel Tree is expected to reach some 150 needy children all over the county, with support and participation from many individuals, civic groups, and other churches, Seibert said. “The children that Angel Tree reaches are identified through the schools and other sources as those children who, for various reasons, might not be remembered at Christmas,” she said.

To meet all the needs of Angel Tree children, many Sunday School classes, church groups, civic clubs and other groups are going together to sponsor a child.

To help a needy Wilkes County child have a better Christmas, she said, stop by the First Methodist Church, select an angel or angel family, and register in the signup book. “After you pick an Angel, we’ll tell you their name, age, clothes sizes and items they’ve asked for,” Seibert said.

The Angel Tree will be set up in the narthex of the First Methodist Church by Sunday, November 20, and gifts will be due back at the church December 12. Civic groups and high school clubs will help with the shopping, and more volunteers will help distribute the gifts on Saturday, December 17.

“It’s absolutely wonderful how the community comes together for these children,” Seibert said. “There are so many children whom this will touch, who need to know somebody cares for them.”

Contact First Methodist at 706- 678-7116.

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