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Councilman Ames Barnett elected Washington mayor

High voter turnout sees incumbent mayor defeated; Cullars reelected; Scarborough, Armour earn seats

Mayor-elect Ames Barnett, wife Ashley and son Porter celebrate the election results at home Tuesday night with family and friends. Mayor-elect Ames Barnett, wife Ashley and son Porter celebrate the election results at home Tuesday night with family and friends. With an extremely high voter turnout, Washington city councilman and business owner Ames M. Barnett has been elected mayor of Washington in a closely contested race, defeating incumbent Mayor Willie E. Burns by a little over 120 votes.

The turnout reflected the community interest in the vote: some 74.8 percent of the 2335 eligible voters cast their ballots in Tuesday’s municipal election.

With all votes counted, the totals show that Barnett got 920 votes, 52.87 percent of those cast, and Mayor Burns received 796 votes, which is 45.75 percent of the total 1,747 votes cast. Patricia Wilder received 24 votes, 1.38 percent of the total.

Incumbent Councilman Nathaniel Cullars won reelection, defeating challenger Davito Owens by a vote of 490 to 158, with a 67 percent turnout in District 1.

In District 2, the two top candidates for two of the district’s three seats were Mike Scarborough with 809 votes, 46.57 percent, and Travis Armour, whose 708 votes were 40.76 percent of the 1060 cast. Fulani Doughty took 215 votes, 12.38 percent of the District 2 vote.

Comparing the two city voting districts on voter turnout, District 2 was the clear winner, with a turnout of 80.4 percent. Turnout in District 1 was 67.6 percent.

Supervisor of Elections Judge Thomas Charping will not certify the election as final until the provisional ballots have been processed, but the number of ballots in question is not large enough to change the results of any race in the election.

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Congratulations Ames.

Congratulations Ames.

Truth wins out...it always

Truth wins out...it always does Mr. Burns. What a shame this man's legacy will be one of not accepting responsibilty for one's words, selfishness, narcissism, immaturity, and racial animosity. As disgusting as it is, the saddest part of all of this, is that there really are some people in this little town who didn't want a black mayor. Denying that fact is just as wrong as lieing. This man had the the opportunity to prove bigots like this wrong, and be a successful mayor regardless of skin color. He could have been a role model for young African American children in a small southern town where underlying tones of racism do still exist, and could have performed his job with honesty, integrity and honor. Instead, he chose to squander it all. It is truly very sad that many will see it as a race issue, when the reality is, this was anything but. It is about truth and honesty...and the truth always wins out. A lie may take care of the present, but it has no future. Congratulations to Washington's new mayor.