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Musical event Sunday at First UMC is part of a ‘Stop the Meanness’ tour

The team of master musician Janet Clazzy and humorist and writer Jonathan Richard Cring will hold a “SpiriTed” concert Sunday, November 13, at 3 p.m. at Washington First United Methodist Church.

The “spirited event,” says Clazzy, is “an instrumental, message-driven entertainment and inspiration type of show,” that will include music and monologue, including readings from Cring’s books with original music performed by Clazzy on the oboe and WX-5 Wind Machine.

“Jonathan Cring is an amazing singer whose voice sounds like John Denver with a touch of Elton John,” Clazzy said. “Clazzy music is the spirit of classical, with the soul of jazz, pop-minded. We’re every style of American music you can think of, all mashed together into something that sounds really beautiful.”

Some of the music is instrumental, she said. “Jonathan plays his piano, and I play my oboe and my amazing 250-instrument Wind Machine that can sound like a clarinet or a harmonica, a sax, or a trumpet. I’ve got one song where I go through seven different sounds in a minute and a half.”

Cring’s message is delivered with humor. “Jonathan is really funny,” Clazzy said, “and his message is that we’re all human beings, and we seem to have forgotten we are all a part of the family of man. We’re calling this our ‘Stop the Meanness Tour,’ hoping to inspire folks to ‘stop the meanness,’ preferably before the 2012 election!”

Friends since 1982, the duo has been traveling throughout the United States since December 2010, and has reached more 25 states and about 160 cities.

The duo will also perform during the morning service, she said. A table of books and CDs will be available at the church.

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