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Who’s really paying the tax - part two


Since the editor of our local paper felt obliged to rebut my last letter and since Letters To The Editor are by definition opinions and the last time I looked opinions do not require a clarification by someone other than the author I thought it strange for him to do so. Yet for the sake of a good argument, I dug a little deeper into the matter of all locally applied sale taxes.

Now before anyone gets their pantyhose in a knot, all I want you to do is to consider what I am saying. This country is built upon the premise that in order to grow we must challenge ourselves and each and everything that we are confronted with. By all means this is true when it comes to our elected officials. That being said, let’s look at the sales tax figures that have been printed in our local paper. Tourism officials just said in the Feb 9th edition that Wilkes county took in 12 million dollars from tourist last year. If we multiply this by 3 cents which is our locally applied sales tax rate, we get $360,000. Mr. David Tyler said for the month of December (in the paper) that the county took in around $173,000 in SPLOST & LOS. If we use simple math and multiply this by 12 months in the year, we get $2,076,000. Subtracting the 360 thousand from this still leaves $1,716,000 in revenue. So where does that come from? Like I said the first time from local landowners, businesses and local citizens with landowners and businesses carrying the main bulk of this because of their purchase needs. Now I know that the equation for figuring sale tax cannot be completed with simple math but still that is a lot of dollars coming out of the pockets of those whom are working the hardest.

Mr. David Reville was absolutely correct in his letter to the editor this week. If all of our local officials really cared about the small percentage of us that are doing the most paying they would do something about it like cut spending and stop renovating and building things that we really cannot justify or afford. I’m afraid it all comes down to votes and there is a lot more people taking from the public tolls than giving and therein lays the problem.

Joe Riley

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