2012-11-08 / Sports

W-WPRD offers guidelines for youth behavior

The Washington-Wilkes Parks and Recreation Department has issued the following statement concerning the controlling of behavior of players in youth sports.

“One of the great advantages of youth sports is that they provide an opportunity for children to play vigorously and to express their energy in constructive ways. However, they may tend to become overexcited and wild and the coach will need to control this. Children sometimes misbehave because they are losing and are dis-spirited. We advise coaches to give encouragement to losing teams and rotate team members between different games.

“We would like to encourage our players’ parents always to try to be at ease and show your excitement in a positive manner. Do not get overexcited or “flustered” no matter how excited the children may become.

“Leaders and coaches should stress the fun and fair play elements of the games. Emphasize team spirit and loyalty.

“Do not over-praise one player nor allow him/her to dominate the game; play as a team always. Be a coach to the players as well as a referee.

“Our recreation program brings a unique gift to the community. We appreciate all our recreation coaches for their gifts and commitment to our young people.

“The many volunteer coaches that we have is a real blessing to our program, we appreciate the many long hours of service they give to the kids.”

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