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Letters to the Editor

W-WAF is mindful to deliver to entire community


It is with humbleness, that I want to thank all involved in making ArtFest 2012 a rousing success. We always appreciate the support, interest and coverage by you and your staff. Without The News-Reporter, our local people would not realize all that the Washington Wilkes Arts Foundation brings to our community.

I appreciate the cooperation and help from the City of Washington, particularly the City Police Department. I appreciate the mayor and his wife for hosting our visiting children’s author. It is great to live in Washington where the merchants al- low us to put up posters and give out the rack cards (which are a work of art themselves, thanks to Catherine Blount and Think9 Design).

When we secured our guest artists, the Gees Bend Quilters and Lonnie Holley, we knew we were in for a special treat and we weren’t disappointed! All of these artists have a special gift toward engaging children and showing them that art comes from within. Our public school art teacher worked tirelessly to develop lesson plans, schedule, and ignite excitement in the students. I hope everyone got to see the public displays of our wonderful childrens’ art. We thank you, Melanie.

To show the priceless Gees Bend Quilts in a setting other than a museum offered challenges. After all, we wanted to do them justice. Mike and Christy Todd offered the Fitzpatrick Ballroom and then worked on the logistics with our board. I cannot thank J.R. and Paula Suggs enough for masterminding and creating the racks from which the quilts hung. This called for countless hours and efforts! Aaron and Phil Rothman and George Brooks were instrumental in the display of the quilts and also of the children’s art displays.

Polly Fievet, Carolyn Reynolds, and Paula Suggs hit the ground running months ago and never stopped until the last hour of the last day! Behind the scenes Susan Pope, Margaret Rothman, Barbara Burns, and Zena Zahran (all of whom have full time jobs) worked tirelessly on every detail to make sure our dreams came to fruition.

The Art Board works to bring meaningful avenues of art to Washington. We take pride in the quality and talent of our guests. We are mindful and take great care to deliver to our entire community. We find joy in doing this. There are mistakes and errors and oversights, but always our goals are for the common good. I invite you to join the Washington Wilkes Arts Foundation if you are not already a member. Our website has all the information at www.washingtonwilkesarts.org.

Thank you to each that had a part in this extraordinary event.

Debie Wels

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