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The Office Cat

Tour of Homes still taking shape

The annual Spring Tour of Homes will be held Friday and Saturday, April 5-6. The candlelight tour and champagne reception will be held at the home of Ashley and Ames Barnett on Court Street. The only other confirmed house for the tour as of Monday afternoon was the home of Diana Blackburn on Bartram Trace. We will have more details as they become available. l

Rain was very scarce last week, with only .2 of an inch reported in Tyrone; .15 on Hill Street; and .8 on Lexington Avenue. l

Gas prices per gallon are down just a bit this week. West to east on Tuesday morning, prices through Washington on US 78 were $3.62; $3.61; $3.63; $3.61; and $3.69. l

The telephone booth at Tignall was again the subject of an item on Channel 6 news last week when newscaster George Eskola visited the booth as an oddity and interviewed several people in the area. The booth is the only one left in an area where they used to be very prevalent and necessary. Everybody today has a cell phone and that cuts out the pay phone along the side of the road. The feature also showed the water tank with the “I’d Rather Be in Tignall” sign on it and other places of interest in Tignall. l

Master wood craftsman Steve Gillispie has an advertisement in The News-Reporter for his custom made furniture. It’s all very beautiful and you can see it at 103 South Alexander Avenue. Check out Steve’s advertisement in the paper, too, for a picture of some of the pieces. l More than 130 pieces of property are being advertised for sale in the first delinquent tax sale in Wilkes County in many years. The sale will be held in front of the courthouse on Tuesday, April 2, and involves delinquent taxes for the years 2009, 2010, and 2011. Amounts range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Some property owners are overdue on more than one property. l

The Babbie Mason concert held Saturday night at the Pope Center was a big success with close to 500 people in attendance. Parking was a challenge even with help from an ROTC Unit from Thomson High School assisting. The team of 10 teenage students (two of them were girls) were very efficient in handling the situation. Cars were parked parallel on both sides of Lexington Avenue in addition to the area around the center and between the center and the Washington-Wilkes Parks and Recreation Center soccer fields. l

The first of several professional racing events at Aonia Motocross Park will be held this weekend, March 16-17, when more than 1,500 top pro and amateur crosscountry dirt bikes and ATV racers compete at Aonia Pass. The events bring hundreds, even thousands, of people to the area. Three other events will follow on successive weekends, including the Tough Mudder Georgia event. l

LOOKING AHEAD – Easter will soon be here (March 31) and there are already some events announced prior to that date. The Holy Week Lenten Lunches and devotionals will again be held in the downtown and Baltimore areas with services at noon. Monday, March 25, the program and lunch will be held at the First United Methodist Church; Tuesday, New Saints CME Church; Wednesday, Presbyterian Church; Thursday, Episcopal Church of the Mediator; and Friday, First Baptist Church. Everybody is invited to attend. … An Easter Sunrise Service (March 31) will be held on The Square followed by breakfast at the First Methodist Church. … First Baptist will present an Easter cantata during the morning worship service at 11 a.m. on Palm Sunday, March 24. l

My youngest granddaughter was a very independent little girl (she still is). She wanted to do things her way with no help from anybody else. If we offered help, she would very adamantly say, “I do it me’elf.” (I have those words on sticky notes on my computer and on my desk) Since Smythe died three years ago, I’ve had to do many things “me’elf” that I never had to do before. But sometimes, unlike my granddaughter, I have had to call for help. The people of Washington- Wilkes have been very generous with their time and resources in helping me. Many times, I didn’t even have to ask for help. It just came. Sometimes help came just as advice on something I didn’t know about or couldn’t understand. For all of you good people, I am very grateful. I have concluded that if you have to be a widow, Washington- Wilkes is the place to be. l

Paulette George gave me this “Cross-Train Your Brain” food history trivia which she found in a library publication (available at the Mary Willis Library). It’s taken from “399 Games, Puzzles, and Trivia Challenges Specially Designed to Keep Your Brain Young.” The answers are printed below, but don’t look until you finish the quiz. 1. “This ancient treat is simply boiled sugar and water, with flavoring and color added, which is then molded into shapes. The sticks weren’t included until the 20th Century.” … 2. “In 1912 Nabisco filed a patent for this product, described as ‘two beautifully embossed chocolateflavored wafers with a rich cream filling.’” … 3. “In the 1890s this company slashed the shipping price of a can of soup by condensing it (removing the water.) … 4. “Most historians agree that this sweet ending to a Chinese meal was invented in California in the 1930s.” l

Answers to the food trivia. 1. Lollipops (suckers). 2. Oreos. 3. Campbell’s. 4. Fortune Cookie.

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