2014-10-02 / Letters

Help promote sportsmanship


I would like to say thank you for your support of our youth sports program here at W-WPRD. We hold a strong tradition and a long-standing history of successful and competitive sports here in Washington-­Wilkes. It is our philosophy and goal to teach our young athletes (ages 5-12 years old) that the development of solid fundamentals, enjoyment, teamwork, and especially good sportsmanship, outweigh the desire to win. W-WPRD coaches have been trained on these principals, but it takes help from the parents and other supporters to really drive home these values.

Therefore, parents, fans, and other supporters should conduct themselves in a way that demonstrates good sportsmanship in order to be positive role models and to show our young athletes how to conduct themselves. Children are very impressionable and if they are taught to uphold the philosophy and values outlined above they will become successful and productive citizens of our community.

W-WPRD frowns upon and will not tolerate unsportsmanlike conduct by parents, fans, and other supporters toward officials, coaches, and players alike.

Again thank you for your support of our youth programs at the Washington-Wilkes Parks and Recreation Department. Look for all W-WPRD youth soccer and football participants in the homecoming parade this Thursday.

W-WPRD director’s assistant

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