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Little Theater to sponsor two plays by W-WCHS team February 23-24

The Washington Little Theater will present two one-act plays the last weekend in February: ­DUI= DOA by Dan Roberts and Reality Stars: Greek Gods Edition by Jonathan Yukich.

Both plays will be presented by the Performing Arts Team (PAT) from Washington-Wilkes Comprehensive High School and directed by PAT founder and leader Libby Foster.

Last year, the Reality Stars play was presented at the Georgia Regional Performance Competition and took home several awards, including third place overall. In addition, cast members Bobby Heard and Armani Owens won the All Star Award for their performances. For Heard, it was his second All-Star Award.

DUI=DOA is a drama composed of two short tales about the perils of drunk driving. Teenager Corey Martin is dead from drinking and driving. At his funeral he desperately calls out to his family and friends, “I can’t be dead...I’m only 17!” – but no one hears him. As a fellow student delivers a eulogy full of irony, Corey’s friends and family think aloud about the senselessness of his death.

In the next tale, a group of young people find themselves in a dark room, unsure of where they are or why they’re there. As they begin to remember their own violent deaths, they discover that each has been the victim of a drunk driver, and another child will soon be joining them unless they can do something about it.

Bobby Heard is directing ­DUI= DOA as assistant to Foster.

Reality Stars: Greek Gods Edition is a comedy that asks what happens when you mix the Greek gods with reality television? In this hilarious romp, the great Greek myths are explored within a reality show framework. Thirteen gods are put under one roof, but only one can survive to sit atop Mount Olympus. It’s an inventive retelling of Greek mythology where tempers flare, lovers quarrel, and rivalries ignite. With an added modern spin, even as far as letting the audience text in their votes, it’s must-see TV – er, theatre.

Throughout its 40+ year history, the Washington Little Theater has supported and encouraged arts appreciation in the youth of the Wilkes County community. Many PAT members attended the Theater’s annual Youth Summer Drama Camp for third through 12th graders. Some were initially exposed to plays by attending the Theater’s annual Children’s Theater, attended by more than 1,000 local students last year at no cost. For many kids, this is the first time they’ve ever been in a theater featuring a live performance.

“As a thriving community, it’s important that we support our next generation of aspiring dramatists,” WLP President Sharon Liggett said. “The theater adds to our overall quality of life, and numerous studies have shown that participating in the creative arts greatly improves overall educational outcomes. “Let’s show our appreciation to these high school students who have devoted their time and talents to entertain you.”

Tickets are $5 and will go on sale Friday, February 9, via the Theater’s new online reservation system (see related story in this issue). Just go to the Theater website (WashingtonLittleTheater.org) and click on Order Tickets. If you don’t have access to the internet, you can still call the box office at 706-678-9582.

Show dates and times are Friday Saturday, February 23-24 at 7:30 p.m. The onsite box office will open 45 minutes prior to showtime. Performances will be held at the Bolton Lunceford Theater, 313C N. Alexander Ave. in Washington.

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