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Working on the immediate need for action


Rural hospitals have experienced a disturbing trend over the last several years. Many all over the nation, including in Georgia, are struggling financially; some have no choice but to close due to dire fiscal strain. Unfortunately, Wills Memorial Hospital is one of those hospitals on the brink of closure unless it finds crucial financial assistance.

We want to tell community members this: We hear you and understand how important Wills Memorial Hospital is to the health of our community. We stand with you in support of this hospital, and, as your voice at the Capitol, we are working on initiatives to sustain the viability of Georgia’s rural hospitals.

At the forefront of our efforts is our endeavor to make improvements to the Rural Hospital Tax Credit, which raised more than $300,000 last year for Wills Memorial. Our goal is to make the tax credit even more appealing to potential financial backers, in turn attracting even more support for Wills Memorial.

An essential pillar in your community, Wills Memorial provides access to care for thousands of your neighbors. In addition to providing access to care close to home, Wills Memorial is a significant employer in the community and is a vital source of well-paying jobs.

The hospital is also important for economic growth and is a key component of the infrastructure necessary to attract businesses to the area. In 2015, Wills Memorial contributed almost $9 million to the local and state economy.

The closure of a hospital such as Wills Memorial affects more than the hospital employees. It negatively impacts community residents and the potential existence of future businesses. It affects all of us.

We recognize the inmediate need for action and are working continually to find a way to provide the financial support that Wills Memorial Hospital so desperately deserves. Working together, our community can continue to ensure that our families and friends have access to the best hospital care available.

District 33
District 120

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We know this, men. Ask Gov.

We know this, men. Ask Gov. Deal to expand Medicaid. That would keep Wills Memorial and other rural hospitals solvent for years to come.