2018-10-18 / Worship

The revelation to John continues

(Revelation 8:1-6)

When we come to the eighth chapter of The Revelation to John we are told: “When He had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.” This means that something very, very important for all of us is about to take place in Heaven and on Earth.

Heaven and Earth are about to be brought together in its first stage of God’s eternal plan of the creation of the Earth and Heaven.

We have been told about this moment throughout God’s Word, the Bible, and through the life of Jesus on to mankind’s life on Earth, but the two have never been brought together in this manner until now.

The number seven is used in this chapter, meaning completion of something pertaining to God and mankind that is very important. This number is the number used by God denoting the completion of something important to God and mankind in Genesis, when God tells us about His creation of God’s universe for mankind.

We are told in verse two about God’s seven angels who stood before God and they had seven trumpets denoting to us the importance of this moment. In the first two verses of chapter eight, the number seven is used three times by God’s messenger – seventh seal, seven angels, and seven trumpets.

We are then told about this most important occasion that is about to happen that concerns everything God has been telling us throughout time, in God and mankind’s relationship which concerns the beginning and ending on Earth.

Verses one through six of chapter eight set up this most important moment for God and mankind, and their relationship that we are told about throughout the Bible, the Old Testament and New Testament, that will come to pass, dealing with God our Creator and His creation of mankind.

In verse three we are told about the setting of this most important moment with God and mankind, and their relationship, through their prayers to God. Then in verse four we are told about God’s acceptance of our prayers. In verse five we are told about God’s answer to our prayers to Him. In verse six we are told about the preparation of God’s acceptance of our prayers that will take place when the first phase of the Endtime begins to take place. These verses deal with God’s and mankind’s relationship and God’s acceptance of us into His eternal plan beyond Earth.

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