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Pair of robbers hit Red Roof in mid-December but escape

An armed robbery in mid-December, previously unreported, is somewhat similar though probably not connected to the January 2 armed robbery at Fievet Pharmacy reported separatedly in this issue. Red Roof Convenience Store at 901 Whitehall Street was robbed at gunpoint at about 8 p.m. on Sunday December 16, 2018.

The owner of the store, Mahendra Patel, reported in a 911 call that he had been alone in the store when he was robbed by two male perpetrators, one white and one black, both wearing ski masks and both point- ing small, dark-colored handguns, according to the Wilkes County Sheriff’s Office report filed by investigating Deputy Jackie Graves. Patel further stated, the report said, that the black male demanded “all the money” and then ran behind the counter where Patel stood. He allegedly grabbed several packs of Newport cigarettes and several cigars from behind the counter. Meanwhile, the white male stood in front of the counter and reached over to take all the cash out of the drawer, according to the report.

Both perpetrators then ran out of the door and left toward the old laundromat side of the building. Patel reported that he was shook up at the time and did not notice where they went after that.

Patel’s phone was also taken from him and had not yet been located even though the latest ping on the phone indicated that it was in the parking lot of the store. Patel further indicated that the store video should have captured the entire incident on tape.

Patel’s wife later reported that she may have seen one of the perpetrators outside the store about an hour before the robbery and that she “possibly remembers” the turban he was wearing.

The next morning, charge of the case was turned over to Investigator Gene Amos and while he and Graves were looking for evidence in the store, they discovered an unspent round on the floor behind the counter. “Mr. Patel stated he thinks he remembers when the guy that came behind the counter dropped it possibly out of his pocket while he was reaching for the Newport[s] on the top shelf.

No value of the cash and stolen items was listed on the report.

Anyone with information which might be helpful in this investigation should call the Wilkes County Sheriff’s Office at 706-678-2224.

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