2019-01-10 / Front Page

W-WPS students get a live look at Antarctica – ask questions

Currently at Washington-Wilkes Primary School, second grade students are learning about tundras, where they exist, and the different animals that live there. Last Friday, students went to the media center to Skype with scientist Jean Pennycook (inset photo, top left), who is currently studying penguins in Antarctica. Students were able to see the penguins and ask Pennycook questions pertaining to the W-WPS curriculum. Pennycook is an educator and researcher who studies Adélie Penguins in Antarctica and educates others about what her science team is learning about the penguins. She is the Penguin Science Education and Outreach Specialist on a National Science Foundation project and has taught chemistry at the high school and college levels. She spends many months in Antarctica each year.

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