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Weekend Events

Friday, February 8

PROGRAMS AT WAR HILL the site of The Battle of Kettle Creek.

Take a walking tour of the Kettle Creek Battlefield site and enjoy the marked trails and interpretive signs. Informational guides will be available in the afternoon.

Noon – The 1779 Battle at Kettle Creek described by Lt. Col. Allen
Burton, Professor of History, Augusta University.
12:30 p.m. – Guided tours of the War Hill Loop Trail conducted
by Walker Chewning, chairman of the board of directors for the
Kettle Creek Battlfield Association
1:30 p.m. – Demonstrations of cannon firing, musket loading, and
firing on War Hill by the Elijah Clarke Militia, Georgia Society
Sons of the Amercian Revolution
2 p.m. – Traveling Trunk Presentation of Colonial Items for Home
Use/Needs for Daily Survival presented by compatriots Rick
Reese, Piedmont Chapter, and Shep Hammack, Mount Vernon
Chapter GA SAR.
5 p.m. – The Kettle Creek Battlefield Association, Georgia Society
SAR and Kettle Creek NSDAR hosts an annual banquet with a
Revolutionary War program in honor of the Kettle Creek Patriots.
Dr. David Noble will speak on “Discoveries at the Kettle Creek

Saturday, February 9

9 a.m. – The Georgia Society SAR Elijah Clarke Militia Honor Guard
with Musket Salutes will raise the 1776 Colors of the Revolutionary
War on the Wilkes County courthouse flag pole.
9 a.m.-noon Historical performers on The Square, Georgia Society
SAR living history building with demonstrations located in the historic news building just off The Square. Just follow the signs. The
Mary Willis Library will host a film about the Kettle Creek battle.
The Robert Toombs House Historic Site features period performers
and a special program called the Seeds of War. The Washington
Historical Museum features the Kettle Creek Artifact Room.
10 a.m. – The Georgia Society SAR combined Color Guard & Militia
will gather at the Revolutionary War monument on The Square to
salute and honor the Wilkes County militia - (the Heroes of the
Hornet’s Nest) and all Revolutionary War Patriots.
10:30 a.m. – Gather behind the courthouse for the assembly of the
Revolutionary War parade. All the public (children and adults)
are welcome to participate in the event as the national colors and
re-enactors lead the parade around The Square.
10:45 a.m. – Parade starts
11 a.m. – Georgia Society SAR Elijah Clarke Militia and other
re-enactors with black-powder muskets will present a dramatic
portrayal of the Battle of Kettle Creek in Fort Washington Park
behind the Wilkes County courthouse.
11:45 a.m. – The Georgia Society SAR Color Guard--Elijah Clarke
Militia and others, will present arms and fire a thunderous musket
salute as the Revolutionary War Colors are lowered and present-day
national colors are raised on The Square.
2:30 p.m. – Pageantry at the Kettle Creek Battlefield includes,
Continental Army, Georgia Militia, musket volley salutes, wreath
presentations, SAR/DAR/CAR, hereditary organizations, local,
state and national officials, high school JROTC, students and
public, place wreaths to honor the Heroes of the Hornet’s Nest –
the Wilkes County Militia for their 1779 Victory at Kettle Creek.
9 a.m.-5 p.m. – The Robert Toombs Historic Site and the Washington
Historical Museum will remain open for visitors.

Sunday, February 10

9 a.m. – Join the Georgia Society SAR and the Kettle Creek Chapter, NSDAR in a Colonial worship service honoring the Wilkes County Militia (Heroes of the Hornet’s Nest) and the South Carolina Upper 96 Militia who together defeated the Loyalists at the Battle of Kettle Creek. As in the past, this Colonial service is open to the public and everyone is encouraged to participate. The service will be held at the Episcopal Church of the Mediator in downtown Washington.

Saturday Events Programs at the three museums


Just in time for Revolutionary Days, the Washington Historical Museum is excited to present the new Lidar Radar Map of the entire Kettle Creek Battlefield. Lidar is a surveying method measuring the reflected pulses with a sensor. Lidar sometimes is called 3D laser scanning.

LEGACY OF LEADERSHIP: Andrew Pickens and John C. Calhoun Private Collection Exhibit

The Washington Historical Museum is having a special exhibit of the personal belongings of Andrew Pickens and John C. Calhoun, two historic figures from South Carolina. This exhibit will be on display through July 2019.

Andrew Pickens (1739-1817) gained fame for his leadership in the American Revolution including the Battle of Kettle Creek. However, it is his peacemaking between the Indians and settlers for which he is best remembered.

John C. Calhoun (1782-1850) was Secretary of War from 1817 to 1825; Vice-President of the United States, 1825-1832; and Secretary of State, 1844-1845. He is best remembered for the rallying cries of states’ rights and nullification.


Interpretive lecture held throughout Saturday, February 9, during Revolutionary Days. This lecture will explain and demonstrate household items, kitchen tools, fire making techniques, as well as clothing accessories, and much more during the time of the American Revolution.


Robert Toombs Houses will host a living history program telling The Journey of Tea from China to America. “Tea, though an Asian commodity, helped bring about American Independence.” The Seeds of War will include the Camellia sinensis-tea plant, tea served with historic recipe for a “taste” of history and a living history program upstairs.


Want to learn to make knives, but don’t have a forge in your backyard? Not to worry – the Forge Club is having an information session and membership drive this Saturday from 9 a.m.- 2 p.m. The first five people to pre-register can make a knife with John Moran

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