2019-03-14 / News

Soldiers’ families come together

Dr. Dick Horner told members of the Washington Rotary Club about his interest in the story of two soldiers whose paths crossed on D-Day, June 6, 1944, and whose families became intertwined more than half a century later. Edward Morozewicz, a medic, was mortally wounded and died on the beach at Normandy at the age of 22. For many years, his family never knew much more than that. Another medic on the beach that day was Charles Norman Shay, now a Penobscot Indian tribal elder, who had known Morozewicz, found him bleeding and dying, and comforted him in his last minutes. Through Shay’s diligence, years later he located Morozewicz’s family and was able to provide them with closure because he had first-hand knowledge of his selfless bravery exhibited at Normandy. Jane Bundy was the Rotary program host.

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